NEW!!!! - Storyline Track and Balance: Clearing Energy Habits Where They Live

4-DVD set plus CD with .pdf handouts

Instructor: Ellen Meredith, DA, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner.

Storyline Track and Balance offers a magical journey for both the practitioner and client of complementary healing. This transformative protocol allows you to:

  • Track where a story is coded into the energy systems
  • Re-set the 5-element balance relative to a particular storyline
  • Provide Energy Medicine where the habitual energy disturbance lives
  • Dialogue with the storyline and gain insights
  • Clear habits effectively and in a lasting way

The innovative techniques presented in this class are amazingly effective, non-invasive, and easy to learn. They are complementary to most modalities of body work, physical therapy, and energy work.

Run time: 400 minutes
Format: Wide Screen, HD, color DVDs, US
Studio: Horse Mountain Press

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What people are saying about Storyline!

"Thank you so much for your Storyline Track and Balance Class. It is an amazingly powerful process that is simple yet wonderfully nuanced. It facilitated for me a journey deeper into my being than any other energy work has been able to do. Storyline Track and Balance has become my "Go To" tool for deep and profound energy work!"
— L.R., San Diego

"The Storyline Track and Balance protocol is a life-changing process...You will witness the most amazing, beautiful transitions that will produce lasting results. Ellen is a wonderful soul and a blessing to have as a teacher."
— S.W., EEM Certified Practitioner