What is Energy Medicine (EM)?
Energy Medicine is a complementary practice that can greatly improve:

  • the ability of your body and mind to heal efficiently and completely
  • your quality of life
  • the effectiveness of herbs, medicines
  • the success of other health interventions you may choose to try

How does Energy Medicine work?

Energy Medicine works with the body's energy communication systems to support optimal health and well-being.

The body communicates with itself and others using chemical messaging and energetic messaging. Of these two, the energetic messaging has the potential to be:

  • less-intrusive
  • more rapid
  • more accurate in activating and supporting the body's own healing mechanisms

Where does Energy Medicine come from?

"Energy Medicine is… the next big frontier in Medicine" - Dr. Mehmet Oz

Energy Medicine includes all the modalities that focus on the body's energy communications: acupuncture, touch for health, healing touch, reiki, yoga, quantum healing, matrix energetics, and qi gong are just a few of the forms that Energy Medicine can take.

Energy Medicine is both ancient and cutting edge, both science and art.

Ellen Meredith's Energy Medicine Work

Ellen's style of energy work, called “energy dialogue”, focuses on learning to dialogue skillfully with the body's energies and to support holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. 

Energy dialogue is rooted in Ellen's own 35+ years of hands-on practice, as well as in Donna Eden's pioneering work with Energy Medicine. Ellen is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and member of the Eden Method faculty.

Energy dialogue and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) are inter-related modalities that focus on putting the power of health, wellness and healing back in YOUR hands! By learning how to work with your own energies, you can:

  • activate your body's healing wisdom
  • strengthen your resilience
  • restore blocked or unbalanced energies that underlie illness and disease
  • re-wire disturbed energy communications
  • unlearn habits that lead to illness or disturbed mood or behavior
  • improve your vitality and physical well-being
  • enhance your participation in the tasks of life
  • activate your body’s in-built ability to heal

Ellen’s approach to energy medicine includes plentiful tools for self-help, as well as techniques you can use with others, including family, friends, and health care clients.

This style of EM is unique, in that it involves the active PARTICIPATION of the client (patient, person who is ill): If you can re-balance your energies each time they slip out of balance, you are giving your body a far more potent support than the once- or twice-a-week tune-up promoted by most complementary practices. If you can communicate with the body as symptoms appear, you often do not need to over-ride its functions with "loud" chemical interventions that suppress symptoms and cause side effects.

Getting Started

Learn some basics and play with them in your everyday life – you don't need to study for years to get some benefit. Energy Medicine offers you simple interventions and techniques you can do for yourself and others. Subtle energy moves quickly and responds to subtle cues!

Building Skills

Ellen's books and many courses on DVD (as well as resources available via innersource.net) help you learn about the body's energy systems and how to dialogue with them using:

  • intuition
  • the amazing energy in your hands
  • energy testing
  • occasional low-tech tools such as glass crystals or magnets to positively influence the electro-magnetic fields of the body
  • basic understanding of "energy access places" in the body and energy field

It also helps to have a framework to understand what might be needed, when a body is speaking to you via symptoms.

Want to learn more?

  • Check out: Energy Fluency, a weekend course on DVD that helps you have a framework and offers guidance on building skills
  • See Also Ellen’s upcoming: Classes - a great way to learn the hands-on practice and meet other people who are developing their EM skills. Classes might also be available in your town or region
  • Find a practitioner! This is a quick way to learn, while experiencing the benefits of Energy Medicine on your own health. Check out: Innersource.net for listings of classes and practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine
  • Start a study group with some interested friends - you can practice exercises in The Language Your Body Speaks, and use portions of Ellen's videos, or Donna Eden's videos to guide you

Using Energy Medicine to Address a Specific Illness or Health Challenge

Can Energy Medicine help with cancer, MS, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and other specific health challenges? YES. Donna Eden developed this approach to healing when allopathic doctors, who had no more options to offer her, sent her home to die. She had MS, was wheel chair bound, and her organs were shutting down.

While not as dramatic, Ellen Meredith was also able to use the self-help tools of energy medicine to turn around a chronic adrenal and migraine problem that had not responded to allopathic or even naturopathic treatment.

The tools and practices of energy dialogue and Eden energy medicine can be powerful and life-changing. They have been used by individuals to heal MS, cancers, and many other diseases. 

However, when healing using Energy Medicine, the APPROACH is very different than the conventional medical approach. Rather than attacking pathology, the focus is on supporting wellness, resilience, proper functioning, and the body's own innate healing mechanisms. Therefore, with ALL specific illnesses, the focus is not on the illness but on what the person needs to do to achieve wellness and healthy functioning.