“Superb” –Donna Eden

“Masterful.” –Donna Eden

The Language Your Body Speaks

2022 Release! Our world has been rocked by CHANGE in the past several years, both personally and collectively.  We are in the midst of a global awakening that is asking us to let go of practices and beliefs that are not sustainable (to ourselves or the planet) and learn to navigate our everyday lives and choices differently.

In a highly personal yet universally resonant voice, Ellen Meredith teaches you how to:

  • enlist the intelligence of your body’s subtle energies to heal yourself and navigate uncertainty
  • ground and anchor yourself in turbulent times
  • create coherence between your body, mind, and spirit
  • work with the energies you are made of to dial into larger webs of connection
  • employ easy-to-use tools to bring Spirit into your choices and actions every day
  • interact with your body and relationships in ways that spread healing and well-being in and around you

Your Body Will Show You the Way will equip you with a means of navigating the world that is internally guided yet globally aware… and trustworthy in every situation, both personal and communal.

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The Language Your Body Speaks

In this groundbreaking new book, Ellen Meredith offers a total immersion experience in The Language Your Body Speaks. Through illuminating stories, perspective-shifting ideas, and plentiful explorations and exercises, you will find your instinctive awareness of the mother-tongue of energetic communications awakening within you. Building on what you already know about language, you can easily regain the ability to participate in the communications within what Ellen calls your "web of meaning."

Self-healing with Energy Medicine is more than a grab-bag of techniques; it is a journey to find ways to reconstruct the Self in alignment with inner truths. In this lively, but reflective, book, Ellen Meredith shows you how the language works, and how to engage in ongoing energy dialogues that allow the body-mind and spirit to guide you into true wellness. This invaluable resource provides multiple invitations and tools to find your unique voice and style to make energy medicine your own. Read More

Listening In

"You have asked to know us, and so we are here."

With these words a group of wise inner teachers began their dialogue with writer Ellen Meredith. They asked her to listen in daily to the rhythms of her mind and spirit.

Dr. Meredith has spent nearly thirty years learning to interpret the messages of the "Council", striving to integrate their teachings into her life, and working as a spiritual counselor and healer to help others hear their own inner wisdom.

In Listening In, she shares the voice of the Council with us. These teachers discuss everyday concerns and urge a broad, compassionate view of human nature. They explain our sorrows and struggles in a ways that is liberating, and suggest practical, wholesome alternatives to our less-constructive patterns of thought and behavior.

Listening In is a valuable source book for people in transition, for those who want to plumb the significance of work and relationships, for anyone who seeks a wider, deeper understanding of existence. Read More

In Search of Radiance (Audio Book)

Learning to Stand with Your Wiser Self

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2-CD set with Eight 90-minute MP3 files.
How can you get in touch with your own sources of guidance?
How can you hone and deepen your intuition?
How do the changes in the planet's vibration affect us in our daily lives and what can we do to support ourselves through this period of rapid growth?

This class was taught in San Diego in Fall of 2011, and offers guidance from a consortium of spiritual "councils" on how to support your own evolution during this time of rapid change on the planet. This 8-week course includes channeled talks and participatory exercises. Get in touch with your own sources of guidances, while deepening your intuition.

If you enjoyed the book, LISTENING IN, you'll LOVE this new audio book!