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When life’s ups and downs cause you to fall out of balance, what can help your body, mind, and spirit to regroup?
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Pose a Question

Ellen Meredith will periodically choose from questions posed here and offer a 3-5 minute video or audio response, aimed at any of you who want to tune in. Using a combination of channeled guidance and energy medicine tools, Ellen will help you address the question with:

  • frameworks for understanding the issue energetically
  • pragmatic energy medicine
  • lifestyle medicine tools

This is a free service, not meant to be a substitute for individualized therapeutic healing, but instead, intended to help you deepen your understanding of energy dialogue by learning from questions that apply to many of us.

Ellen Meredith’s book, The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine introduces the concept of energy dialogue – learning the language of energy used by your body, mind, and spirit.  She offers many techniques for entering into the ongoing conversations between these three dimensions. In these short coaching clips, Ellen shows you how to “speak energy” in the context of everyday concerns!

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Join a Live Energy Medicine Coaching Group

Group Coaching is a wonderful and economic way to learn self-healing tools and energy medicine techniques. Get some of your own questions answered and learn from other people’s questions and concerns.

Ellen will post group coaching opportunities here. They will include one-off “pop-up” sessions, and ongoing group training for both language of energy “beginners” and those of you who have studied modalities such as Eden Energy Medicine and want to deepen your understanding and expand your tool kit.

Please note: energy medicine coaching can support self-healing as well as work with clients. But it is not a therapy group aimed at resolving your specific health challenges.

Sign up here if you are interested in Group Coaching. There will be a small charge ($15-35 per person) to participate. Small groups of friends interested in a private group coaching experience can contact Ellen Meredith via email.

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