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The Language Your Body Speaks:
Self Healing with Energy Medicine

Published by New World Library

“masterful...a breath of fresh air
—Donna Eden, energy medicine pioneer.

Just under the surface of your awareness, your body, mind, and spirit are using energetic signaling to communicate constantly with one another.

Your body communicates imbalance and needs via symptoms, feelings, sensations, thoughts, and events. If you miss those communiqués, your body and mind shout louder and discomfort snowballs into illness.

The Language Your Body Speaks teaches you, through a process Ellen calls energy dialogue, how to speak energy, participate in your own healing, and activate your body’s built-in capacity to thrive.



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Intro: Understanding the Energetics of Virus

In the face of pandemic (or any flu season), what can you do to strengthen your resistance to virus, to get through illness more lightly and easily, or to recover once a virus has visited?

Using Energy Medicine for Coronavirus Symptoms:
One week after using Ellen’s exercises I felt I had recovered physically and energy-wise. I loved Ellen’s program! In this short video I tell you why.
–Ingrid de Geus, Netherlands

 During the Summer and Fall of 2020, Ellen will be on tour for the release of her new book, The Language Your Body Speaks: Self Healing with Energy Medicine. She will be offering workshops and classes. Watch the classes page to see if your area gets added!

Meet Ellen Meredith

Ellen Meredith is probably one of the most down-to-earth woo-woos you can find!

Her goal is to help you activate your own inner guidance and recognize your unique gifts and purpose.  She has been in training with her inner teachers since 1978 and is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. 

Ellen offers channeled readings, hands-on and on-line energy medicine sessions, live and videotaped classes, coaching and training for energy healing practitioners, and is the author of an array of goodies that will help you dialogue with your energies and cultivate well-being in your body, mind, and spirit.  LEARN MORE...

On October 14 and 17, Ellen is offering a free one-hour class, sponsored by Shift Network:  Learn Your Body’s Energetic Language for Self-Healing: Activate Your Built-In Power to Heal & Thrive With Energy Medicine.  Register here:

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Group coaching also available.
@ More: Learn Ellen’s unique style of energy medicine via DVD or streamed courses.

In February, 2020, Donna Eden, energy medicine pioneer, sat down with Ellen Meredith to discuss Ellen’s book, The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine. (New World Library, 2020)


Play with your intuition using The Do-It-Yourself Divination Tool. This interactive application was designed by Ellen to help you explore intuitive readings for yourself. Give it a try! It's fun and easy!



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