Channeling is a relatively new term for a very old practice. To channel means to create a connection - a channel - between yourself and a source of wisdom.

You are capable of channeling because a part of your Self dwells in the Divine.

You already channel from time to time, without being aware of it. Your Wiser Self will give you guidance or information and it will feel like you have just had a flash of insight or a thought.

Think of channeling as a practice, like yoga or meditation. Through creating a channel of connection with a source of wisdom, and by articulating what you perceive, you are:

  • Training your conscious mind to work in concert with your intuitive self.
  • Developing your awareness and broadening your perspective.
  • Increasing your expressive capacity.

The goal is not to speak for entities, but to communicate and study with them!

When Ellen does a channeled reading for you, she tunes into your inner teachers and guidance, and brings you into the channel to hear that perspective.  The goal is not only to get you the most relevant perspectives and information, but also to help you learn to hear your inner guidance more clearly yourself!

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