Intuition and Practitioner's Mind

2-DVD set; 3 hours of instruction

This exciting and thought-provoking presentation explores the artistry and magic of Eden Energy Medicine!

Intuition and Practitioner's Mind explores ways of understanding and developing intuition and balancing it with our "practitioner's mind": thinking in service of a client's well-being.

Presenting creative methods that speak to all the senses, this 3-hour class offers frameworks, tools, exercises, and demonstrations of how to develop clear intuition and use it in wise ways.

Order your 2-DVD set with downloadable handouts for $60 plus shipping & handling ($5 US; $12 International).


Purchase a Digital Download version (PDF and Vidoe files) for $125.

Comments from Class Participants:

"I love the way Ellen speaks about healing and intuition...she always leads me to broaden and clarify my perspective on healing and discover new opportunities to affect my own and others' health and wellness. I leave feeling more intuitive! She also makes it very clear that each of us has the skill to develop a healing mind and healing hands."

"Ellen is very down to earth, and her teaching was clear, fun, and practical. I found the class quite helpful, and appreciate her perspective about being in tune with our own form of intuition, and honoring the insights we are given by paying attention, and learning how to listen with whichever senses offer us the gift of knowledge."

"Ellen's post-class on Intuition and Practitioner's Mind has given me a template that will provide guidance for months and years on becoming a better and more skilled practitioner." — S.W., EEM Certified Practitioner

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