Inner Work Introduction

The following material comes from a group of "inner teachers" (also called "spirit entities"), channeled by Ellen Meredith, author of Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self. Calling themselves "the Council", these teachers invite us to consider and define our spiritual practice in very personal terms. They are non-denominational in their affinities, and generally work to promote a grounded, balanced approach to spirituality through everyday activity and creative expression.

This material is unpublished, but uses terminology that the Council defined and explored in more depth in the book, Listening In. In particular it refers to three selves: the Earth Elemental Self, the Talking Self, and the Wiser Self. About these three selves, the Council says:

"We see you as a committee of three selves. You have your earth elemental self, which is your body self, a creature, like all other creatures on the planet. You have the talking self, which is your personality, or the self that develops socially, has dramas, and engages in events and activities. And then there's the wiser self, which is the part of you connected within the realm of spirit.

"Each of these three selves has its own focus, agenda, and sanctity to maintain. Your earth elemental is trying to survive on a physical level. Its goals may not be easily reconciled with the goals of your talking self, who may or may not be in tune with the wiser self. Part of your greatest challenge, and the work of being human, is to coordinate the desires and expression of your committee of three. When things are not working in your life you will find that most likely it is because the different agendas of these selves are out of balance."

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