NEW!!!! — Healing Spaces: Energy Medicine for deep healing from the inside out

Over 8 hours of instruction

Healing Spaces leads the practitioner and client into territory where profound change can be initiated and supported. This exciting new class teaches how to cultivate clear, body-based intuition that guides the client to the underlying causes of disease and reveals keys to profound well-being.

It offers Energy Medicine tools to support:

  • Deeper, more nuanced energy medicine practice
  • Awareness of how we construct our energies from the inside out, and how to strengthen core processes
  • Ways to access and work with the YIN spaces
  • Work with the deeper structures within that promote wellness
  • Greater skill in interacting with the Yang Gatekeeper (Triple Warmer) that distributes energy and manages the body's energetic communications

Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, says about Healing Spaces:

"Ellen Meredith has been a wise and consistent voice in cultivating the more intuitive dimensions of EEM for more than a decade. Healing Spaces reflects so beautifully how she builds on EEM's foundations, and I highly recommend it."

The deep, but easily-learned techniques presented in this class are complementary to most modalities of body work, physical therapy, and energy work.

Order your 5-DVD set plus CD with PDF handouts for $125 plus shipping & handling ($5 US; $12 International).


Purchase a Digital Download version (PDF and Vidoe files) for $125.

What people are saying about Healing Spaces!

"Ellen Meredith's "Healing Spaces" class broadened my understanding of energy medicine. It expanded my appreciation of healing, of being a witness to a client's healing, [shifting me] from a linear perception to three dimensions. It awakened me as to how I can help my client dialogue with the deepest parts of themselves, and thus guide them towards deeper levels of well-being and vitality. Being able to enter a "Healing Space" is central, because this is where we are able to communicate with our deeper selves and the sources that nourish us."
—A.C., EEM-CLP, New Jersey

"This class took me to a wonderful place as a practitioner. Ellen Meredith's curriculum,teaching methodologies, and handouts are exemplary, and her passion and enthusiasm for the work is infectious. There is nothing better than healing strategies that help you get to the root cause of what's preventing a client from thriving!"
—N.K., EEMCP, New York

""Healing Spaces" guides us to those places within where the body, mind and soul communicate most effectively with the deep and knowledgeable part of ourselves--our innate healing wisdom. The techniques are deceptively simple yet provide profound results. Whether working with clients or personally, Healing Spaces uncovers those "AHA" moments and the wondrous moments of shifting energetically into balance and harmony, opening the door to the sphere of healing and growth. I highly recommend this DVD."
—N.M., EEMCP, San Diego