Gatekeeper: Energy Medicine for the Immune System and Energetic Reactivity

4-DVD set plus CD with .pdf handouts

Acclaimed teacher Ellen Meredith, DA, offers simple and effective new tools and a creative paradigm for using Energy Medicine to address reactivity, heal the immune system, and improve overall well-being. This Gatekeeper and Cosmic Reset material promotes profound shifts for clients and practitioners alike!

Students of Donna Eden's work and practitioners of all forms of energy healing will be delighted and expanded by this groundbreaking material. These techniques offer both self-healing and therapeutic tools that will deepen the effectiveness of any kind of complementary medicine.

The innovative techniques presented in this class are amazingly effective, non-invasive, and easy to learn. They are complementary to most modalities of body work, physical therapy, and energy work.

Run time: 490 minutes
Format: Wide Screen, HD, color DVDs, US
Studio: Horse Mountain Press

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What people are saying about Gatekeeper!

"Ellen a master in her field. Her workshops are the perfect combination of theory and practicum. Ellen then adds her healthy sprinkle of wit and wisdom… a perfect recipe for connecting with the Divine!"
— FB, San Diego

"Ellen Meredith's Gatekeeper class was a revelation for me, and each day since, I've become more and more aware of how important the content we covered was, for both those of us who are practitioners and those of us who just want to live more fully and freely. The material is laid out in a logical and invigorating manner, and Ellen brings such humanity, humor, and insight into every moment of her teaching. These techniques are "user friendly" and yet, so powerful. I couldn't recommend this class more highly."
— N.K., New York