Divination is the art of using tools to gain insight into the patterns and movements of meaning in life.
It is a form of dialogue between you and your Wiser Self

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Relationship Layout
Offers three positions: Mine (insight pertaining to my behavior and attitude), Yours (insight into your behavior or attitudes), and Ours (information or guidance that pertains to both of us together).

Developmental Layout
Offers positions relating to the shifting truth over time: Past (what has laid the groundwork or what used to be key to the question), Present (what is of greatest significance or influence now) and Future (where things are headed-- remember the future is not predetermined; this is not a pronouncement of what must be, but what is evolving out of present attitudes and behavior)

Elemental Layout
Consists of four positions, the Heart (what is at the heart of the matter, or what your heart feels about the matter), the Mind (what your mind is telling you, or the intellectual/conceptual dimensions of the question), the Body (how the situation is manifesting, or how it affects the physical reality), and the Soul (what it activates or responds to in your Soul or your spiritual nature).