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Energy healing is based on the premise that energy is our essence, that while our bodies appear solid, they are in fact a constantly swirling set of energetic exchanges. Ellen Meredith’s innovative approach to energy medicine recognizes these exchanges as a language in itself. Speaking that language allows us to hear and understand what the body is telling us so that we can heal ailments and maintain optimal well-being.

Though this communication may seem esoteric, it is actually a fundamental human skill, one we had as preverbal infants. The Language Your Body Speaksteaches readers to relearn it through simple experiments, meditations, exercises, and practices.


Ellen is the author of:

  • The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine (New World Library, March 2020)
  • Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self (a channeled book);
  • In Search of Radiance - Learning to Stand with your Wiser Self (a channeled course available on MP3 CDs);
  • Energy Fluency (a magical 5-DVD course in using Energy Medicine to dialogue with the body's wisdom);
  • Energy Chiro (a wonderful 5-DVD course in Energy Medicine for deep structural support and muscular-skeletal wellness);
  • Gatekeeper: Energy Medicine for the Immune System and Energetic Reactivity (a 4-DVD set plus CD with .pdf handouts to promote profound shifts for clients and practitioners alike).
  • Storyline Track and Balance: Clearing Energy Habits Where They Live (a 4 DVD set plus CD with handouts in .pdf format for a magical journey for both the practitioner and client of complementary healing)



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Ellen offers classes introducing her unique style of Energy Medicine in weekend workshops, one-day workshops, and via practitioner coaching. She is available to collaborate in scheduling specific classes near you upon request.

Conscious Channel

Since 1984 Ellen has worked with over 2500 clients worldwide as a spiritual counselor. Ellen offers channeled readings, spiritual coaching, and classes.

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Ellen has trained extensively with Donna Eden and is a member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program faculty. She offers in-person consultations, phone coaching for practitioners, and distance healing work via phone or skype.

Ellen's DIY Divination Tool!

Divination is the art of using tools to gain insight into the patterns and movements of meaning in life. It is a form of dialogue between you and your Wiser Self. Ellen has created a Do-It-Yourself Divination tool where you can pose a question to gain insight. With traditional divination tools, such as the tarot, each card or object has a pre-assigned meaning, based on a system of interpretation or belief. In this creative Divination tool, you assign or determine the meaning of each image or object, using your intuition and your deductive reasoning. By posing questions, selecting images, and interpreting them, you can activate your "inner mind" (or subconscious mind) to dialogue with your "conscious mind." Show me more.

She offers individual consultations in person, via phone or Skype.
Contact Ellen via email to inquire about appointments.