Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

"You have asked to know us, and so we are here."

With these words a group of wise inner teachers began their dialogue with writer Ellen Meredith. They asked her to listen in daily to the rhythms of her mind and spirit.

Dr. Meredith has spent nearly thirty years learning to interpret the messages of the "Council", striving to integrate their teachings into her life, and working as a spiritual counselor and healer to help others hear their own inner wisdom.

In Listening In, she shares the voice of the Council with us. These teachers discuss everyday concerns and urge a broad, compassionate view of human nature. They explain our sorrows and struggles in a ways that is liberating, and suggest practical, wholesome alternatives to our less-constructive patterns of thought and behavior.

Listening In is a valuable source book for people in transition, for those who want to plumb the significance of work and relationships, for anyone who seeks a wider, deeper understanding of existence

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Endorsements - LISTENING IN: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

"A very...commonsense, grounded, "hurray" book. I sincerely trust it will be found very useful to a great many people."

    Pat Rodegast, author of Emmanuel's Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos and Emmanuel's Book II: The Choice for Love.

"Not since Seth's The Nature of Personal Reality has there been such a useful psychological-spiritual guide. Reading it expands one's horizons in powerful and surprising ways....Anyone wanting to live more deeply and humanely, to understand her/himself better and to take advantage of larger options for growth and healing will find this book wonderfully helpful."

    Sandy Boucher, author of Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism.

"Ellen has opened the door to her wisdom self through skillful dialogue with the Council....Most appreciated was the gentle, warm, open approach, lacking in dogma and seeking only to be of benefit to all."

    Diane Mariechild, author of Motherwit: a Guide to Psychic Development and The Inner Dance.

"This jewel of a book brings forth in clear and direct style an understanding of the basic and essential nature of the human condition. It is filled with many rich suggestions and exercises for achieving healing and a state of harmony in oneself and in relationships. It is just such psychological and spiritual wisdom that needs to be heard in a time of confusion and complexity....It is an absolute joy to read."

    Edith Sullwold, Ph.D., Jungian psychologist, international teacher of Jungian- therapy and personal creativity.

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Table of Contents - LISTENING IN: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

The Dialogue Begins...
"Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves"


    One: Dimensions of the Dream

      Threes (three selves)
      Two Kinds of Energy
      The Web of Connection
      Your Multiple Nature
      Life Purpose

    Two: The Dance of Self

      The Dance of Self
      Energy, Power, and Placement
      Authentic Living

    Three: Waking Reality

      Waking Reality
      Mental Stance: Arrangements of Mind
      Talking Self Dramas

II: TAKING ROOT    Wiser Self Perspectives

    Four: Love

      Bonds and Relationships
      Ways of Loving
      Conditions of Loving

    Five: The Turning Wheel of Change

      Movement and Change
      Seasons of Change
      Larger Mind, Smaller Mind
      Activism and Global Change
      The Turning Wheel

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Book Review - LISTENING IN: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

By Sandy Boucher

Now and then a book becomes a companion, going along on plane rides and camping trips, offering comfort when the world seems overwhelming, good to read at night before going to sleep. Listening In has become such a friend for me.

Written by spiritual counselor and healer Ellen Meredith, the book speaks with the voice of her own inner teachers, suggesting how we might broaden our perspective and change our behavior to reflect more of our authentic nature. This expansion of consciousness is the most helpful, hopeful and healing dimension of Listening In. It allows a spaciousness to open around any question. Meredith lifts us out of the constricted, problematic view that traps us when we are disturbed or uncertain, and places us in a wider, deeper context. With her wise guidance, we are able to view any particular difficulty in proportion to the relatively vast expanse of our self and its possibilities. Often, while reading this book, I feel as if the windows have been opened and I am being invited to draw fresh air into my lungs.

Using the metaphor of nature's round of growth, death and rebirth, Listening In begins with a description of our human nature, offering illuminating perspectives on how we interact with self and other, how we move in the world to achieve our desires. At the beginning of each section and interspersed in the text are guided meditations called "groundings." We become a seed cradled in the earth, we are immersed in warm water, we are asked to hold our own bodies comfortingly. These inner journeys give the opportunity to expand the insights of the book into emotional, physical and psychic realms.

"Taking Root," the second part of the book, offers responses to basic life-questions--about relationships, careers, futures. In a rich, thoughtful chapter called "Love," Meredith discusses the necessity for self-love, the qualities of different kinds of relationships, the many ways of loving. "The Turning Wheel of Change" chapter addresses our need to move on in our lives, to use our creative capacities, launch new projects, discover and live from our full potential. Here, besides offering guidance in personal transformation, Meredith also addresses issues of social activism and global change.

Listening In guides the reader to pay attention to her or his "wiser self," to look to one's own deep inner place of knowing for information and guidance, rather than to an outside authority. Well written, sometimes whimsical, never pompous or insistent, the book encourages the reader in the development of a broad, intelligent, gentle perspective.

Some people I know keep this book nearby to dip into when they have a question or concern, almost as a divination tool, finding that just about any page can shed light on the challenges of the day just finished or the one to come. Listening In, like meditation, creates a large, roomy, well-lit context in which to view oneself. This is its genius and its contribution.

Sandy Boucher is the author of Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism

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About the Council

The Council is a group of inner teachers who have communicated the teachings in this Web Site and in the book Listening In to author and conscious channel, Ellen Meredith. They are non-denominational in their affinities, and generally work to promote a grounded, balanced approach to spirituality through everyday activity and creative expression. The following short excerpt is from the Introduction to the book, Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self.

"Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves…

"We call ourselves the Council, and we are a group of entities who meet in a place that you might call the "inner planes" or "a source of wisdom". It is the home of the Wiser Self.

"Our goal in presenting our understandings to you is to help you come home to your own greatest truth, your own greatest good. We hope to give you some ideas about bringing your life into more meaningful constellation, becoming more awake to who you are and how you are. What we have to offer is a mix of ideas and suggestions which can perhaps help you to deepen your sense of inner authority, and to find a richer, more resonant way of living your life.

"It might be important to you to know whether we are male or female. We are both and neither. Each of us has known lives in many forms, male and female, and many gradations in between, in a variety of cultures where those terms meant different things at different times. So we feel that we have insight into the spectrum of what those designations might mean, and do not at this time identify our energy as particularly male or female. We chose the name Council because it is neutral and plural, and we feel it has a nice ring to it.

"There is something in the nature of our energy that can be very useful to you in recognizing or activating your own. It is like the striking of a bell or gong. You hear the sound and you feel the sound. And by the same token, our consciousness comes to you both through hearing and through feeling. Allow us to speak to you on these levels. Our purpose in asking Ellen to write this book is to invite you to come work with us. To come study with us, over time, when you feel comfortable tuning into our awareness.

"How can we be of help to you? Imagine that you are climbing a mountain and we happen to have reached the top of that particular mountain. We're up here with walkie-talkies, and you're just setting out to climb. You each have a walkie-talkie too: this book is about how to use your walkie-talkie.

"You will hear us saying, "The next half-mile has a lot of big boulders on it so you might want to be careful and conserve your energy. Take it more slowly." Or we might say, "You have three paths coming up ahead and from what we can see the left path has a lot of thorns to go through, the middle path is quite steep, and the right path is twice as long. Your choice." We're here (like other entity guides) with our walkie-talkies giving insight from our perspective. We also have our guides with their walkie-talkies, giving us guidance.

"Ellen hesitates when we use the image of climbing a mountain, because in your culture higher often means better. But we see the climb up the mountain as the climb home to yourself. You are climbing home to your truest self-expression and self-awareness. You do this through the events and experiences that you create in your lives.

"We are not a right- answer machine, we are not a source of all-powerful wisdom. Our guidance is not the Word of God coming down from on high and absolutely correct. But we are part of the divine as you are part of the divine. And we have a perspective on the experiences you are living that perhaps can be useful to you.

"On the other hand, you still need to take each step on your path yourself. No one can take steps for you. We can say, "Watch out, there's a hole," but it's your choice whether or not you step into it. It is your choice what you do with our information. We try to give guidance in ways that are not invasive to your free will, your free choice.

"The teachings we offer to you are part of a spiritual curriculum for developing greater insight and equilibrium in your life. We have tried to incorporate responses to many of the questions we have received over the years from our various students and in-body friends, so that you could see these lessons in concrete and everyday terms. As you read, let your mind wander and free-associate. Let your imagination play with the images and concepts. Let your everyday life provide the workshop for experimenting with these perspectives. As you do this, you will feel the dialogue which has produced this book reconstituting within you."

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