Grounding in the Web of Connection

Shut your eyes for a moment.. and picture yourself in the living room of an apartment. It's a large apartment building, so imagine apartments all around you. And imagine people in each of those apartments. Perhaps someone upstairs is diapering a baby. Someone three apartments over is looking at his record collection, trying to find just the right music to suit his mood. Perhaps you see him drumming with his hands because he's wanting something with a beat. There is someone over there, on the other side, sewing something. Someone else lies on the couch feeling very unhappy because she's overeaten and has a stomachache. Someone not far from them has invited her partner to go into the bedroom to have some fun.

There are people all around you. Some are worrying, some relaxed; some engaged in creative activities, some doing things they don't want to do; others are finally getting to do what they truly crave. Some of them are physically comfortable, some are in extreme distress. Feel all the different variations of being in this building and in the buildings around this one. Just feel what's there.

And then extend your awareness outward through the city. There's a whole city full of people doing almost everything you could imagine a person doing, and maybe even some things you can't quite imagine. They are thinking in hundreds of languages. Some are feeling and not working with words at all. And there are other life forms. There are animals, plants, and they are each expressing their being in unique ways.

There are repeats. There may be hundreds of people watching the same television show. But those people are each watching it somewhat differently, each interacting with the information, taking in different aspects of it, making different comments, enjoying different things.

Feel the diversity. Think about how each of those individuals out there is going to wake up tomorrow and do something very different from the person next to him or her. The people going to jobs are each going to different activities and moods. The children going to schools are each going to a different experience of school.

Now send your imagination farther, to picture the globe, as if you were an astronaut out in space, looking through a very powerful telescope, revealing millions of little people-dots all over the planet.

Think of each of those people-dots, each living lives. You can see movements, diverse activities, colors, intensities. Someone is out in the wilds herding cattle. Someone else is in an office building 127 stories high typing numbers into a computer. You see dots with different purposes, different goals, different activity levels, in different moments of living.

Know that each of those moments, each of those goals, each of those possibilities, each of those identities, is a choice for you. Or has been a choice in another life, or is accessible to you imaginatively, through your mind, or through art works. And know that each of those roles is shifting and changing in each moment, and that you can shift and change in and out of those patterns; you can make so many choices about where you want to fit in, and how you want to be. There's no single expectation. Let yourself bask for a while in the shimmering, moving exchange of energies, ideas, purposes and feelings you can imagine in this massive web of consciousness.