Water Grounding

Draw in a clean sweet breath. Feel it and let it go again. And when you are ready, draw in another.

Imagine you are sitting beside a warm, welcoming bath. Steam rises from the water, enveloping you in an inviting swirl. Perhaps there is music playing softly in the background. You are all alone.

The water in this tub is no ordinary liquid. It is the water of all resolution and it has the power to dissolve all your cares, your worries, your rough edges.

As you sit there beside the bath, feel what aspects of your life and mind you would wish the waters to cleanse. Perhaps it is a difficult or stubborn thought pattern. Perhaps you are burdened by too many obligations. Perhaps you feel jaded from difficult interactions with others.

Let yourself dwell for just a moment in all that encumbers you. Then when you are ready, let yourself step down into the waiting waters.

Feel the warm liquid envelop you and hold you. Let yourself get comfortable, sitting or floating, and imagine the heat and the moisture sinking deep into your being, gently melting all rigid resistance and concern.

You may wish to ask the waters to return you to a neutral state, no longer over-committed and over-involved in the details of your particular dramas. Feel yourself being purified and restored back to your essence.

When you feel clear and released, climb out of the bath and allow yourself to be wrapped in a large comforting towel, swaddled in its soft folds. Know that this towel is a protection for you, and that this bath can be a haven, to return to whenever you need to be held and renewed.