Seed Grounding

Shut your eyes for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and as you exhale, let go of the tensions of the day. You may need to shake a few muscles loose if they're tight. As you inhale, feel your energy gather into a tighter and tighter ball, so you are becoming more self-contained with each in-breath. With each out-breath let yourself release tensions. Do this several times.

Your consciousness, your awareness has been scattered. A little bit at work, some with your family, some with your friends, some out there in the larger world. With each in-breath, you draw your consciousness back in to you, to your center.

As you breathe, feel your energy becoming ever more dense and contained. Feel it circulating within and around your body, just there, not reaching out anywhere else. Relax and feel your own Self gathered in, becoming richer and more resonant with each in-breath.

If you find your mind reaching out to other things, gently invite it back with the in-breath, invite it to be in your body and around your body. Use your out-breath to relax.

Now imagine that you are a seed. Perhaps an apple seed. Feel the hard shell on the outside, the softer pulp inside, all the potential that is contained within you. And imagine yourself being gently and lovingly picked up by some gardener and placed into a warm little cubby, a hole or cave or cocoon that has been prepared for you in the earth. Feel the warmth and the support of the soil around you. Imagine there is a nice cushion of air all around you, so that as the soil covers you, you are not closed in. You are just gently held in a womb of soil, in a protective holding place. It is dark, warm, and very safe.

And imagine as you sit there, you can feel the daytime sun coming down and warming the soil even further. As the warmth reaches you, you can feel within you a gathering. You are ready to explode forth. Ready to send down roots. You breathe in the warmth and the moisture. As you breathe out, send roots down into the soil beneath you.

Feel the roots growing and pushing farther with each exhale. And feel the joy of this growth as you are unfurling and unfolding, reaching out toward nourishment in the soil around you.

Now, as you exhale, feel yourself growing upward as well, toward the sun, sending a stalk up, so that with each in-breath you draw in the nourishment of the soil and the moisture, and with each out-breath you are exploding with growth and new life.

Let your consciousness quicken with this unfolding of your potential, as if you were in a time lapse photograph, so that with each exhale, your stalk grows higher and your roots spread broader and deeper, and the stalk begins the process of hardening into a trunk, thickening, pushing upward and outward. Imagine that as the seasons are turning, the leaves come out with the new light of spring. Keep breathing.

Feel also the buds... the flowers that come forth. Beautiful pink or white flowers. Feel the joyous unfolding of this. Watch as the petals drop, the flowers fall. There is a waiting period, as buds begin to form, this time for baby fruits...

Watch in your mind's eye as this process quickens even further. The apples come, ripening, they thicken and sweeten with the nourishment of the season, and then finally fall with their own weight. Then the season turns further, and the leaves grow reddish brown. They are no longer needed to draw in chlorophyll; they drop and return to nourish the soil.

Feel that nourishment coming in at your roots, and feel the period of rest. Know that winter is coming and it is in its own way a little cocoon. Take a few breaths and remember what the cocoon of winter has been like. Feel that the days have grown shorter, and now they start to grow longer again, the light is returning and you are ready to push forth with new leaves, new growth, new buds, and start that cycle over again.

Feel the moment, the season of time present. And then open your eyes. Bring your awareness back to your room. Move around a little to get your body loosened and working and to wake yourself up.