Grounding in Love

Shut your eyes and imagine yourself on a desert island. You are lying on the beach. The sun is warm, comfortable. The water is lapping on the shore; light breezes play over you, keeping you at a steady temperature. It is a perfect day, with a sky of bright blue. You have the whole place to yourself, nowhere to be, nothing to accomplish. A cool drink waits on a tray beside you.

And imagine that this is not just any island. It is a place called "Slow Time Island." Here time moves much more slowly than in your everyday reality. As you spend a minute or two of your normal everyday time on this island, it as if a whole day is slowly unfolding. Time moves so slowly that in seven minutes of your normal time, you can feel yourself taking a week's vacation on Slow Time Island.

Let yourself feel the week passing. Let your mind and body deeply relax with this vacation. Let your mind slowly untangle and sort through its confusions, your heart open gradually to this protective and utterly safe haven you have found. Let your breathing be guided by the lapping of the waves. Let the sounds of the surf be your lullaby.

As you open your eyes and return your awareness to your "normal time" surroundings, remember how wonderful it felt to be on vacation. Remember you have the power to visit Slow Time Island whenever you wish.