Grounding in Making Contact with Your Infant Self

Shut your eyes and get comfortable wherever you are sitting. Feel free to squirm around until you find the best position for yourself. Shift and re-shift your weight as you would like. And take a deep breath. As you release it, let go of tension. Often if you make a sound with your out-breath it helps release stress. Wait before you take the new breath in. Then take a new breath. Hold that breath for just a second, then release again and rest empty. When you feel the need to bring the breath back in, start your in-breath.

Your breathing is such a wonderful key to what your mind is doing, where and how your energy is moving within your body. You might find yourself holding your breath, barely breathing at all, or panting with no pause between breaths. Perhaps you take a lot in and don't let it all out.

Without trying to control your breath any further, just let it settle into a normal pattern, whatever normal is for you right now. You may find that you need a lot less air than you think you do, or that you need more than you generally take. When you sit and observe your breathing, without trying to control it, it gives your mind something to do that is right here present and immediate. It quiets the mind.

Now we would like you to imagine that someone has just handed you an infant and you are holding her or him in your arms. Take a moment to explore how you feel holding this child. In your mind's eye examine this bundle. What is she like? What is she doing? Notice your own reactions. You do not have to judge them; just notice if you are comfortable. If you feel anger, delight, longing, notice your response. Continue to hold the infant.

And now, imagine that this infant is actually yourself as an infant. You do not need to change her to fit your memories or the stories your parents have told you about your early days. Just imagine that you are holding your young self there. What would you like to give to this small being? What are your feelings toward her or him?

What would you like for this child when she grows up? If you can feel love for her, take a moment to love her. If you don't feel love, just notice what your feeling is, and continue to hold the infant, even if it is not an entirely comfortable experience for you.

If you wish, call in an imaginary childcare helper. Call in some expert who will protect this child and provide for all her needs. Ask the helper to stay with the child as she grows, to guide her, to hold her when she is hurt or needy.

Then, placing the infant in a cuddlepack against your breast, if that is comfortable, or gently setting her in a cradle in your mind's eye, return your awareness to your room and open your eyes.