Color Grounding

Shut your eyes a moment and feel your energy, whatever that means to you. You are looking for your energy of the moment, not your energy forever, to feel what it is doing now. See if you can imagine what color your energy evokes in your mind. There are no correct answers about what colors match which moods. What color do you feel at the moment?

You might see it quite vividly, within and around you, in your mind's eye, or you might see nothing but the darkness of your closed eyelids. But in your mind, the name of the color might come up. It could be a couple of colors.

How do you feel about this color and how does it feel to you? Is this the color you want your energy to be right now? If not, is there some color you are drawn to in this moment that you would enjoy feeling instead?

We're going to ask you to work with your breath to transform your energetic color. Start with the color you have in the moment, and each time you inhale, imagine that color growing lighter in tone. Take another breath in, and feel that color become even lighter, as if it's moving toward the color white. As you breathe out, feel it settle in to that new hue or new tone you have seen.

It might take you a couple of breaths to hold a hue steady in your mind, then let another lightness in with the next in-breath. Feel the energetic color shifting. Move as quickly or slowly as is comfortable for you. Gently allow every couple of breaths to bring that color into a lighter and lighter hue, moving it toward the color white.

You may even take a moment with each hue, or tone, to see how it feels in your body. And when you have reached the color white in your mind's eye, rest there for a moment and explore it. Use your in-breaths and your out-breaths to somehow adjust the color, the brightness of it, the tone of it, until it is most comfortable.

Those of you who would like to be a different color, who have imagined what would feel good at this moment, use the same process. As you breathe in, gradually add a little of that pigment to the white that is in you and surrounds you, so that with each breath, you move yourself toward that color you thought might be preferable.

When you have reached the color you were craving, take a moment to feel it. What do your energy and body feel now that you have changed the color?

Then open your eyes, move around a little if you need to.

For some people, the shift from hue to hue is gradual, for others it happens right away. It is useful to pay attention to how it works for you, because it gives you some clues as to what most easily or best moves your energy.