Energy Medicine

Dr. Mehmet Oz describes ENERGY MEDICINE as “the next big frontier in medicine”… It's time to bring Energy Medicine into your life and practice!

What is Energy Medicine?
Energy medicine promotes the body's successful functioning: healing, vitality, and wellness. It focusses on the bio-energy systems that create and support good health. Energy Medicine allows you to harness the body's own wisdom and healing -- it is a profoundly effective approach and is accessible to all. Read more...

How can Energy Medicine support your well-being?
We learn to brush our teeth and comb our hair, but not to balance and care for our body's energies! Eden Energy Medicine offers some basic, simple practices that you can do to bring yourself to balance, promote good health, and increase your vitality. Read more...

How can it help your practice?
If you are a health care provider, teacher, parent, mental health care worker, or just someone concerned with improving people's quality of life, Energy Medicine can deepen your effectiveness! Read more...

Ellen Meredith's Style of Energy Medicine
Ellen Meredith has been working with Energy Medicine since 1984. She has evolved a form of energy medicine that speaks to the body, mind, and spirit. Rooted in Eden Energy Medicine, Ellen's style of practice emphasizes communication – our ability to communicate with the body's subtle energies AND the body's communications with itself. Read more...


Channeling is a relatively new term for a very old practice. To channel means to create a connection – a channel – between yourself and a source of wisdom.

Each of us is capable of “channeling” because we each have a part of our self which dwells in the Divine.

Each of us channels from time to time, without being aware of it. Our Wiser Self will give us guidance or information and it will feel like we have just had a flash of insight or a thought.

Think of channeling as a practice, like yoga or meditation. Through creating a channel of connection with a source of wisdom, and by articulating what you perceive, you are:

  • developing your awareness and broadening your perspective
  • training your conscious mind to work in concert with your intuitive self
  • increasing your expressive capacity

The goal is not to speak for entities, but to communicate and study with them!