Ellen Meredith

Ellen Meredith lives in San Diego, California. She offers individual consultations in person and via phone or Skype. Contact Ellen via email to inquire about appointments.

Conscious Channel - Since 1984 Ellen has worked with over 2500 clients worldwide as a spiritual counselor. Ellen offers channeled readings, spiritual coaching, and classes on spiritual development.

Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner - Ellen has trained extensively with Donna Eden and is a member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program faculty. She offers in-person consultations, phone coaching for practitioners, and distance healing work via phone or skype.

Medical Intuitive - Ellen has served as a medical intuitive in consultation with physicians and complementary practitioners since 1984. She was certified in Quantum healing and Medical Intuition in 2008 by Kim Seer.

Teacher - Ellen offers classes introducing her unique style of Energy Medicine in weekend workshops, one-day workshops, and via practitioner coaching. She is available to collaborate in scheduling specific classes near you upon request.

Author - Ellen is the author of:

Doctor of Arts in Writing - The DA designation stands for Doctor of Arts, not Doctor of Acupuncture! Ellen received her DA degree in Writing from the University of Michigan. She won two major Hopwood Awards for a novel and short fiction, and received writing residency grants from the Edna St. Vincent Millay colony and the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of Taos, New Mexico.